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“Thanks so much for all your great work for the Stockton Performing Arts Center this season.  Our website sales tripled this season as compared to last season due your creative and comprehensive Facebook, and Twitter campaigns.  I look forward to continuing this wonderful relationship.”
– Suze DiPietro, Marketing Director  Stockton Performing Arts Center

“It has been a real pleasure for me to work with Artspromo!  Jaimé and her staff have never left me without answers, always responding to even the simplest of questions, and the easiest of task.  I was introduced to Jaimé by a friend and co worker who said, "This lady can take you viral."  He was right!  I have greater visibility and more fans as a result.  Thank you, and I hope our next phase will prove even more effective.”
– Arnold McCuller, back up vocals, Phil Collins, James Taylor, Lyle Lovett  Home Page

“We worked with Artspromo on promoting WFMT's radio show Exploring Music. Exploring Music has over 400,000 listeners and WFMT is Chicago's premiere classical music radio station, so there was without a doubt a lot to manage. Despite having many other clients, Jaime was extraordinarily attentive. In three months she helped us triple our Facebook likes, created an engaged digital community for our show, and made sure that our message was consistent with our brand. If you're looking for someone to guide you through digital promotion for your arts organization, I can't think of anyone better.”
 – WFMT/Exploring Music

“I am amazed at how Jaime' gets these deals, where everyone involved wins.”
– David Wilcox nationally touring singer-songwriter  David Wilcox

“Your ads are the best thing going for my videos success and exposure. So please continue them at the same budget.  I will be submitting the recording for Grammys and I hope the exposure will help. I'm getting positive attention not only for the videos themselves, but also for the view totals.”
– Kelly Hall-Tompkins  A significant collaborating partner with violinist/composer Mark O’Connor, Ms. Hall-Tompkins regularly performs his Double Violin Concerto with O’Connor in concerts across the United States YouTube

“I have definitely seen big results with Artspromo's quick professionalism and branding.  You will be incredibly pleased with Jaime's no-nonsense approach and speediness to get the world noticing your music!  ”
– Anne Akiko Meyers, violin  Anne Akiko Meyers

"Thank you for your amazing help and understanding!"
– Eric Andersen, Singer-Songwriter Eric Andersen Facebook Page                                                                                                                                           

“Jaimé Morton made diving into the 21st century world of social marketing and branding painless and even fun. She not only walked me through all the social marketing must-haves (which were relatively new to me), but gave me the tools for maintaining and growing my fan lists long after the campaign had ended. I now call Artspromo every time there is major news to share!”
– Robin Spielberg, recording artist/composer/pianist  Robin Spielberg's web page

“Jaimé is our Viral Marketing Goddess”
– Susan Napodano DelGiorno, General Manager,   Classical | eOne Music

“I'm very happy with the Artspromo services. The work is done on time and very well. They definitely get my recommendation.”
– Cindy Blackman Santana (Drummer, Lenny Kravitz, Cindy Blackman Trio, Santana)  Cindy Blackman Santana

“The work Artspromo has done for Beethoven's Wig on all of our internet and social networking sites has been fantastic.  Jaime is smart and easy to work with.  Best of all, we've seen a significant increase in album sales.  Artspromo works!!”
– Richard Perlmutter, Beethoven's Wig  Beethoven's Wig  

“My friends list has been growing at a perfectly consistent, almost letter perfect rate since we started with Artspromo....As consistent as anything I have seen in the publicity business”
– violinist Mark O'Connor  Mark O'Connor

“After working with Artspromo for several years on various projects, I can see the difference they have made by effectively and creatively managing all electronic media.  Today, this is really your public face, and of crucial importance.  An investment that pays itself many times over!”
– Charles LetourneauIMG Artists

“You are very good at what you do. You are consummately professional and effective, I am impressed by your work and grateful for your efforts.”
– Kipp Stroden (Manager, Ben Taylor Band)  Ben Taylor

“Thanks, Jaime.  That was quick.  Everyone is swooning over the new web site!”
– Alex DePue  Alex DePue Webpage

“Jaime is terrific to work with! Immediately responsive to our needs, prompt and excellent service-web marketing/internet marketing/my space and facebook design and management AND postering services. ALL outstanding- she is simply delightful to work with and smart. I highly recommend Jaime.”
– Margie T. Farmer, Class Acts on Tour  Class Acts On Tour

“Jaime help us navigate the world of social media in a way that was clear and comprehensible. We got great results with getting our brand out there and getting people's attention. I look forward to working with Jaime again soon!”
– Jen Gruskoff, Editor  Goodkin  

“I want to extend a huge thank you from the PR/Marketing department at the Smith College Museum of Art for all that you've been doing for us. We enjoy working with you very much and find your work very helpful in spreading the word about our events.”
– Smith College Museum of Art   Smith College Museum of Art

“Jaime is a wonderful colleague -- extremely resourceful, thorough and supportive. She is truly dedicated and goes the extra mile to meet her clients' needs and goals. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with her.”
– Shira Gilbert, Owner, Shira Gilbert PR  Shira Gilbert PR

“Jaime Morton is a dynamo in the music industry. She understands the business while delivering personal and personalized solutions to keeping a career moving in the cyberworld. Great service, phenomenal timeliness and great value for the money.”
– Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Grammy Winners  Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

“Jaime, thank you. It’s been such a pleasure working with you and your professional staff over the last seven years. As your services expanded from postering and press release distribution to social media integration and support we expanded our use of them to the great benefit of our performers and our audiences. Recently The Pirates of Penzance drew over 1800 attendees, the largest audience ever for a Smith College Theatre production!”
– Smith College Performing Arts   Smith College

“Attendance has been fabulous and I imagine it is partly due to your work!... I am SURE it has helped!”
– Janet Kaplan Bucciarelli (Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival Director)  Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival

“Thank you for your fine work. At our last rehearsal we discussed how happy we were in our relationship with Artspromo.  We feel that our digital assets are now fully integrated and have positioned us nicely for our next level of marketing.  Your viral marketing for our Holiday CD release tour contributed to the the success of the release.  We feel that you have gone the extra mile with our project.  We look forward to working with you on our next project.”
– Michael Nix, Booking Manager, The Pioneer Consort Pioneer Consort Facebook  

“You are the best.  We never would have been able to negotiate the kind of cyber-friendships and fan building that you have managed with ease and professionalism.  We look forward to working with you forever!!”
– Debbie Block (Manager, Bill Harley, Two-time Grammy winning singer/storyteller)  Bill Harley's Facebook

“Jaime' is a rare find these days. A performer in her own right, Jaime' takes her experiences and empathy, and mixes them into her work. She is tenacious, not only with getting the job done, but also taking the extra step in keeping you in the loop, making you part of the team. She truly cares, not only about her work, but also her clients. She will work endlessly for you to make sure she has done everything humanly possible to get the job done. A great multi-tasker and decision-maker, Morton can tell you if she's available to work with you and mean it. Her integrity, passion and wit compounded with her worker-like attitude make her a force to be considered in whatever aspect you may think you could utilize her services.”
– Nathan Granner,  The American Tenors

“Jaime has been able to effectively promote artists and performers working through my studio, getting their concert information widely and visibly distributed in a timely way, using her network of contacts and helpers. Her energy and dedication are impressive. I recommend her highly.  ”
– Michael Cerulli Billingsley , Owner, Production Supervisor, Straight Arrow Recordings   Straight Arrow Recordings

“Your service was easy, efficient and your prices are good too, it was a positive experience.”
– Outreach Marketing & Communication,   University of Massachusetts

“I always thought improving and managing my own website would be difficult and time consuming. Thanks to Jaimé it was a breeze, and I am having fun in the process, as well! Jaimé's love for her work is really evident, because she cares deeply about achieving the best possible result, and she is there when you need her!”
– Antionio Pompa-Baldi, concert pianist  Antonio Pompa-Baldi Web Page

“Jaime really understands web viral marketing and is a source of expertise for all of our web marketing challenges. She's a pleasure to work with, prompt and helpful and I'd recommend her without hesitation”
– Jack Kelly, CEO,   Adva Mobile

“Jaime is a complete professional.  She's a delight to work with.  She's more than fair in her pricing and completely accessible when I have questions.  I have complete trust in her know how and integrity in the creation and maintenance of my Myspace and Facebook pages.  I know of no person better qualified to do this.”
– Jonathan Sprout, Parents' Choice Award Winner, iParenting Media "Best Product of 2009" Winner  Jonathan Sprout web page