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Hey is a Polish rock band founded in Szczecin in 1992[1] by guitarist Piotr Banach and charismatic lead singer Kasia Nosowska. It is one of the most popular Polish music acts of the 1990s.[citation needed]

Although Hey sometimes described themselves as first Polish grunge band, their melodic, guitar-driven rock and eclectic appearance owed more to New Wave and heavy metal influences; their first three albums contained songs in both Polish and English. During the band's mid-1990s heyday, they sold out stadiums throughout Poland, and attempted to break into the English-language market with a series of concerts overseas and an English version of their 1995 album ?. When this failed to arouse interest, the band began to write in Polish only, and gradually adopted a harder-edged, more industrial-influenced sound.

Nosowska also had some success as a solo artist, beginning with her 1996 album Puk Puk (Knock Knock), recorded when she was pregnant and unable to tour, which exhibited a mellow sound far removed from that of Hey.


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