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Production and instrumentation

Peter Hammill recorded None of the Above in his home studio ("Sofa Sound") between January 1999 and February 2000, playing, producing and arranging nearly all instruments and singing nearly all voices. Some minor contributions were made by Stuart Gordon (violin, viola) on three tracks and Manny Elias (drums, percussion) on one track. Peter Hammill's daughters Holly and Beatrice Hammill sing backing soprano voices on two tracks. The carefully arranged instrumentation is dominated by guitars (more as a "colour-wash", as Peter Hammill wrote in his newsletter), keyboards and some strings.

The long recording time is due to Peter Hammill's parallel work on a remastered 4-CD compilation of Van der Graaf Generator called The Box.

[edit] Title

The title of the album refers, as a typical Peter Hammill play on words, to the English phrase None of the above meaning none of the choices on a form are appropriate. The expression can be seen here as a metaphor for "people in earthy and/or earthly circumstances", [1] i.e. as the opposite to heavenly conditions.


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