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Here is our weekly update. If you want us to poster, please remember our drop off deadline is Friday at 3 pm. Here is our Order form: http://fs7.formsite.com/postering/form614340173/index.html

We can also send out your Press Release and send an eblast to your Facebook friends:

We send out your electronic press release to:

newspapers (local, regional and national)

radio stations (local, college, and NPR)

Internet bulletin/classified boards (many towns have online boards)

Internet community boards (we search and post specific to your event)

Internet event boards (online boards that promote special events, workshops or classes)

Cable TV stations (local stations will sometimes pick up a story)

Blogs (targeted towards your event)

**We have over 30 online Webpages/Calendars we submit to and over 100 print newspapers and radio in the Pioneer Valley**

"Those press releases you sent out ...did great for us. We landed an article in the paper with a beautiful pic"

Whitney Suter/Dancing Dragon Studio, Greenfield MA

"I want to extend a huge thank you from the PR/Marketing department at the Smith College Museum of Art for all that you've been doing for us. We enjoy working with you very much and find your work very helpful in spreading the word about our events." Smith College Museum of Art

You are the best. We never would have been able to negotiate the kind of cyber-friendships and fan building that you have managed with ease and professionalism. We look forward to working with you forever!! Debbie Block (Manager, Bill Harley, Two-time Grammy winning singer/storyteller)

Thank you, Jaime Campbell Morton

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