Postering for March 2nd


Remember we need posters by this Friday to go out NEXT week (March 2nd).

Our Press Release service starts at $25 and we cover any market in the US or Canada.

We also post online to bulletins and blogs ($20)

Postering info here: link

"The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all."

Mark Twain

When Should I Send Out A Press Release?

   *  Publish or Present an article or Paper

   * Will be exhibiting at a Trade Show or Convention

   * Are granted a new Patent

   * Develop a new Product

   * Launch a new Service

   * Win a new significant Contract

   * Make an Acquisition

   * Open or Close Locations

   * Launch or significantly revise a Website

   * Release Investor Information

   * Have Significant Personnel changes or Reorganizations

   * Receive an Industry, Governmental or Societal Award or Recognition

Thank you, Jaime Campbell Morton

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