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We are postering next week (Pioneer Valley, Vt, CT etc) so please remember to get your posters copied by this Friday at 3 pm and into the Stick 'em Up! Box.

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We have also extended our PR services to include Facebook blasts and more. We can send out your release for $25- Click on the link

We also assist artists in getting their Webpage, Myspace, Facebook, and press kit's in professional order, attracting more performances, press and management etc.


Many people who set out to write a press release have a basic misunderstanding of their objective.

They dutifully slave over a release, choosing the exact words to best tell their story in a single page.

Unfortunately, even if their release gets printed, that's only enough copy to fill a few column inches of space.

Isn't your real goal to have full-page articles written about you, or to be a feature story on the news broadcast? You simply aren't going to get there with a standard press release.

So what's the real purpose of a press release? To get the reporter to pick up the phone and call for a complete interview.

Therefore press releases to really do their job have to grab their interest, make them feel you'll be a great story subject, and that your story will be of news interest to their audience.

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