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Jaimé Campbell Morton is a Viral Marketing, Social Media expert. She has over 10 years experience assisting musicians and businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, as well as running successful, affordable internet campaigns.

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When people talk about taking over the family business, they don't usually mean taking over the family show business. That's exactly what Jaimé Campbell Morton is doing, by building on a family legacy of entertainment industry excellence with decades of experience in the music industry, both on the creative and business sides. It all started with her grandfather, who managed a generation's star comics in the Catskills such as Henny Youngman, Red Buttons, Philly Foster, and Jan Murray including writing for Hee- Haw and the Carol Burnett show.  The entertainment industry is in her blood, and her experience and family background culminate as a viral marketing strategist who treats her clients like family, because they already are.

As a previously touring award-winning singer/songwriter, Jaimé's work was nationally-renowned, winning high praise from David Wilcox, Dar Williams, Richie Havens, Garnet Rogers, and many more. Her songwriting recognition includes placing in contests such as the Kerrville New Folk Festival, Best of the Unsigned Bands, the International Songwriters Competition,  Billboard Songwriter's Competition, and the Great American Song Contest.  

Jaimé made her foray into viral marketing and publicity when she managed classical cellist Matt Haimovitz for 8 years. Haimovitz had a vision to bring classical music into clubs- and Morton was the perfect match. The concept reached pandemic proportions when the New York Times profiled Mr. Haimovitz before his 2004 performance in the NYC punk club CBGB: before then, a classical act in CBGB was unheard of. It created a unique challenge for Jaimé as no one had successfully based a career on, or toured long-term, playing classical in clubs. Jaimé turned to the power of social media, assisting in Haimovitz's CBGB show selling out, twice, and 8 years of success stories turning the classical music world on it's head. She also managed the Chiara String Quartet for 5 years bringing a string quartet to the forefront of the "Classical in a Club" scene.

Since then, Jaimé has gone on to establish a proven track record, managing social media campaigns for dozens of artists across a broad spectrum of genres, but with a passion for assisting classical musicians.  Ranging from classical, folk, children's music, vocalists and more- including Mark O'Connor, Time for Three, Jackie Evancho, The 5 Browns, Cindy Blackman Santana (drummer, Lenny Kravitz, Santana), Anne Akiko Meyers, USC Thornton School of Music, Red Hot, MIT,  Beethoven's Wig, and Grammy Award winners Emerson String Quartet, Bill Harley, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer.

Currently Jaimé actively handles a workload of 15-20 viral marketing clients, whose work can be seen here. She works with record labels, radio specialists, performing arts centers, film festivals, and premiere management agencies, but always finds time for a local non-profit.

By bringing a personal touch to publicity and viral marketing that you won't find in the big corporate firms, Artspromo has shown that the old rules no longer apply: these days, a client needs a traditional print publicist and a viral strategist to make a name for themselves. Jaimé has been successfully taking on the challenge of building social networks, branding, distributing press releases, and managing viral assets for all manner of clients for years, be it the established classical musician or a family business down the street.